For Sponsors & CRO's

Designed to function as a separate clearing house from the University of Tennessee (UT), CTN2’s operations permit a streamlined contracting process for our cross institutional initiative while allowing UT faculty and collaborating investigators to respond to opportunities for clinical trials at the speed of industry. As a UTRF subsidiary, CTN2 research expenditures are credited to UT. CTN2 markets its network participating hospitals and practice groups, and access to the Tennessee-Enterprise Data Warehouse (TN-EDW) and statewide trial patients to clinical trial Sponsors.


As a Site Management Organization (SMO), CTN2 aggregates a number of different health care providers/clinics to provide clinical trial related services to Sponsors seeking access to multiple sites to conduct a clinical trial. Sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) take responsibility for the overall oversight of the clinical trial. CTN2 provides centralized study start-up, centralized billing and payments, and tracked project management throughout the life of the trial. CTN2 works with the clinical trial Sponsor to ensure constructive feedback is being provided to the sites from the Sponsor organizations.This will ensure issues are addressed on a timely basis at the sites and contribute to CTN2's reputation with Sponsors.

Benefits of CTN2:

  • Access to simple data counts via TriNetx and CTN2 Agreements to assess numbers of eligible patients

  • Access to multiple Sites

  • Centralized feasibility

  • Centralized contracting and budgeting

  • Centralized IRB submissions

  • Centralized clinical trial billing and payments

  • Centralized project management with Study metrics

  • One set of SOP’s


For Patients

Research is critical to advancing medicine and patient care. Through CTN2, patients will have more treatment options available to them in the State of Tennessee.

Benefits of CTN2:

  • Increased access to number and quality of clinical trials

  • Increased options available for local treatment


For Physicians

Principal investigators engaged in clinical research are challenged by competing needs. Through sponsor relationships, CTN2 works with PIs to procure the best available studies, drive recruitment and ensure rapid start-up and profitability of trials

Benefits of CTN2:

  • Access to multi-Site trials on a non-exclusive basis

  • Expertise in contracting, billing, and regulatory to ensure rapid start-up

  • Increased treatment options for patients

  • Access to contracting, billing, and IRB services at no additional cost

  • Access to Tennessee Enterprise Data Warehouse (TN-EDW)

  • Streamlined contracting and budgeting via a Master Clinical Trial Agreement for rapid start-up

  • Access to clinical trial menu and enrollment status

  • Systematic tracking of study start-up and study metrics via CTMS 


For Sites

CTN2 supports site-based activities within its network of participating institutions by providing expertise in feasibility, contracting and budgeting, regulatory, and billing. To ensure the needs of participating institutions are met, CTN2 maintains extensive contact with the sites, including regular site visits and surveys to elicit feedback from Site Directors and their teams, etc. CTN2 works strategically to develop and manage sponsor relationships to ensure access to a robust clinical trial menu designed to help grow research. Additionally, CTN2 provides a mechanism for research collaboration across institutions.

Benefits of CTN2:

  • Representation on CTN2 Board

  • Increased access to number and quality of clinical trials

  • Increased options available for local treatment

  • Access to clinical trial menu and CTN2 Site Liaison

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